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The Sunrise Center for Excellence in Chess pilots many of the teaching initiatives developed by the National Scholastic Chess Foundation, our parent organization. NSCF curriculum development programs are helping to expand the use of chess to improve outcomes in American education.

While the majority of Sunrise Chess and NSCF revenue is earned through programs that deliver instruction directly to children, a core mission of our organization is to develop dynamic chess instructional materials and teacher training programs so that Sunil’s successes can be replicated by a new generation of educators all across America. This effort only continues with your help. In recent years, your tax deductible donations, and some generous grants, have already helped us develop:

"Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History," an interdisciplinary middle-school-and-up text that teaches chess, literacy and social studies;

"Demystifying Chess: A Thinking Skills Workshop for Teachers," a 2-part workshop that trains teachers to present chess and is mapped to social-emotion learning competencies. Over 650 professionals working with children, mostly teachers, in Florida, Michigan and California, have already completed at least one full-day workshop;

"Best Lessons of a Chess Coach: Extended Edition," a newly-rewritten and expanded edition of Sunil's book for aspiring players that will be published within the next 90 days.

Your continued support will help us keep working on these programs, even as many of our direct-to-student efforts are suspended due to the coronavirus. It is full-steam ahead, shoulder-to-shoulder effort, even if our shoulders need to be at least one meter apart :). Thank you for your support of the Sunrise Center and NSCF chess.

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